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Latest News

New release (1.4.5)

A bug fix release is available for uploaded on SF. You can get it here.

This release fixes a bug preventing from setting a project or activity visible only for one of the last two beneficiaries.

New release (1.4.4)

A new release has been uploaded on SF. You can get Va Temps 1.4.4 in the file download area.

This bug fix release comes with a minor enhencement that allows you to choose which kind of tap will bring you the detail view. By default, a short tap was poping up the menu and the long one was showing the detailed view. This behavior can be switched in the preferences.

Development snapshot prc available

I just added a new release on SF. It contains the latest development snapshot that must be considered as an unstable release. If you found a bug, check in the unstable release's README.snapshot file if it has already been fixed.

New release (1.4.3)

Va Temps 1.4.3 is available for downloading. This release includes time/date format based on user's system preferences. The long/short date format can also be choosen directly from Va temps preferences panel. Due to the growing number of options, the preference view has been split into three panes.

New release (1.4.2)

Va Temps 1.4.2 is available to download through SourceForge files service. It is the first release available in a french. The direct links are here:

Va Temps (english) 1.4.2

Va Temps (french) 1.4.2

This release fixes a major bug soft resetting the palm when canceling the purge operation. It contains also 6 minor bug fixes. I suggest every user to upgrade to this version.

Completed shortcuts list

I've just finished the Va Temps shortcuts list at the end of the short user guide (though still uncomplete but I'm working on).

Va Temps Web page

The Va Temps Home page is finally reachable (you are reading that page). I will try to keep this page as up to date as possible. The first effort will be to complete and finish the short User Guide.

Special thanks to Alain Palamara and Frédéric Rossmann for their support and for the early tests of Va temps.

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